Very cool chair from a log

Very cool chair from a log

Log furniture is perfect for certain environments and if you are looking for that rustic log piece to accent your place, and you are handy with tools may we suggest that you bring out that inner artist in you and make your own furniture. This is the era where all the information can be easily accessed from the internet on DIY projects.

This very cool log chair is made from a log stump round. It is rather unique in that it folds into a chair, then back down into a log round! Very clever and as this chair may be a little on the heavier side, to relocate you can always roll it to where you want it to sit. What a conversation piece. I have seen many types of log stump chairs, but this one peaked my interest!

You will need a little hardware for the project to create the hinges and locking systems to hold the chair and round in place.

What a conversation starter. Imagine your next bonfire event outside. Would it not be fun to make a grande entrance with these chairs! You can roll them out, open them up and then be prepared to explain how you made them as everyone will be intrigued.

If you are a dude and you want to impress a girl with your DIY talents, showing this and telling her that you have done it all by yourself is definitely something that would spark her interest.

Let's face it making furniture out of a logs is pretty impressive, especially if you can even make it look like it is a designer piece. If you are interested in woodworking and creating other stuff from scratch using logs, it is best that you check out the website of Woodworkerz that you could find below. Have fun being productive and artistic today!

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